Hi! I'm NevoBaster also known as Maggy. I'm a hobby, digital artist who nearly exclusively draws smudge of colourful ponies. Welcome to my website, here you can find my latest artworks and links to everywhere else you can find me.

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About me

Welp I'm an artist who really loves drawing some lewds for you guys. I mostly draw what I want so commissions are rarely open.. Sorry! I will keep you guys updated on Twitter and open some polls there and ask you guys what you would like to see in future artworks.

Commission status: Closed

Commission Info

  • Pony Mare/Stallion (SFW/NSFW)
  • Pony Anthro Female only (SFW/NSFW)
  • Animals and Creatures from MLP:FiM show
  • Payment Via paypal
Commission are currently closed, but I will make an announcement in time before they will open again. When they are open please sent me a message on derpibooru or twitter containing your name, commission type and a short story about what you have in mind. Don't forgot any References that are maybe needed.

If I accept your commission I would love to work with you on discord because it is just easiest way for me to keep your constantly updated about your commission and get your feedback on my work.